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It was born from the passion of Adria Castellani, a woman who has always believed in her work, carrying it forward for years with skill and love.

A legacy of professional life that gives this company a unique experience in the cashmere knitwear sector. The specialization in the final stages of processing, such as punching down, washing and ironing, make it a unique reality of its kind.

Today Adria Castellani is supported in the leadership of the company by her daughter Gessica, engaged in a daily work of consolidation and innovation.


Each stage of the processing is personally supervised, no derogation is granted in compliance with the strictest quality standards.



Together, mother and daughter have created high quality cashmere knitwear, using only the best yarns from Italy and Mongolia. They worked together to select the colours, designs and cuts of the garments, with the aim of creating an offer of luxury products at affordable prices.

Their company started and grew rapidly due to their attention to detail and the quality of their products. 

Today,"LUXURY CASHMERE REPABIANCA"has become a successful company, but their union continues to be the heart of the company, working together every day to create unique and high quality knitwear.

Their passion for cashmere and their dedication to craftsmanship is what makes their company one of a kind.

Things acquire value with

the weather, we learn to take care of it."

Adria Castellani

coperta cashmere
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